Face Masks

Our face masks come in 2ply or 3ply with a choice of ear elastics or a headtie elastic to save your ears from irritation.

These face masks are hand washable, reusable and durable, making them more practical than disposable masks.

They are ideal for women, men and kids. With a variety of fabric patterns to choose from you can create an outfit that matches.

The 3rd layer in the masks are a spun bound fabric which is breathable and washable.

This reusable face mask fits snugly on your face and is breathable.

They are very comfortable on the ears too, making it ideal for wearing for long hours.


This is a personal use item. All sales are final.
No returns and exchanges.
We recommend reviewing our 
sizing dimensions before purchase.
Discounts cannot be applied due to low markups, sanitary environment and individually handmade from raw fabrics.


These face masks are not substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks. They are also not FDA approved. However, if used correctly the masks can minimize the potential for person-to-person droplet transmission. Due to the tight fit these masks are not meant to be worn over N95 masks.

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Showing 1–30 of 72 results