Bandana Bibs

Scarlett’s Heaven understands the importance of ensuring that your baby is happy and well taken care of.

Drooling and milk spit-ups may cause itchy rashes for baby and as a result they may become miserable.

We design our bibs to be extra-absorbent and therefor prevents moisture from leaking through onto your baby’s skin.

With an easy put on Velcro closure, they are easy to take off and most importantly, comfortable for baby.

Made from printed cotton or flannel, backed with high absorbent microfiber backing, in addition is perfect for teething, drooling babies.

In short, these bibs are versatile, comfortable and a perfect finishing touch for a baby’s outfit.

In conclusion you can pair them up with a personalised baby burp cloth, beanie or baby grow for that unique baby shower gift or new mommy package.

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Showing 1–30 of 44 results