About Us

Upon the arrival of our baby girl Scarlett, our lives
have been filled with Joy and Happiness. She is the
apple of our eyes and we do everything we can for
her, as would any mother/father to their beloved

Scarlett’s Heaven began as a simple way to help
make an extra income to support the funds
needed for our daughter. I became a stay at home
mom after loosing my job while on maternity
leave, and struggled to make ends meet.
Scarlett’s Heaven became a go to place to make
cute little bibs and linen for Scarlett. After testing
the quality of my items, I decided to open to the
public. Offer other mommies and families a
chance to have their own range at affordable

Matching items, a decision to pick their own
materials and colours, and have exactly what they
want for their little new family member/s.
Scarlett’s Heaven is my own little business, and all
profits go into a fund for my daughter. As any
mother would want is to give their child the best of
the best, and i would like to offer my services to
mommies out there to give their babies and
children a fun look to their new bedrooms.
I thank you for all the support that is given to us,
and I hope you like my products as much as I do. I take pride in my work, and I hope you enjoy them

Today, we cater for not only babies and toddlers, but also for the adults and pets. We create affordable,
adorable, well priced hand made items which can be matched to any of our designs. We also offer varies
forms of printing to personalize the items we make.